Statele Unite scriu istorie. In 2017 va avea loc prima expeditie privata pe luna

Guvernul Statelor Unite a luat in urma cu 3 zile o decizie considerata istorica. Au aprobat prima expeditie privata pe luna.
Astfel anul viitor compania Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx) va aseleniza.

"We are now free to set sail as explorers to Earth's eighth continent, the Moon, seeking new knowledge and resources to expand Earth's economic sphere for the benefit of all humanity."

- co-founder & CEO, Bob Richards

Scopul expeditiei este de a explora luna si de a identifica reusrsele naturale ce pot fi exploatate, expeditia urmand a aduce la intoarcere mostre de roca si minereuri.

"In the immediate future, we envision bringing precious resources, metals, and Moon rocks back to Earth. In 15 years, the Moon will be an important part of Earth's economy, and potentially our second home. Imagine that."

- co-founder and chairman, Naveen Jain

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