Fregata canadiana HMS St. John a acostat in portul Constanta

Fragata canadiana HMS St. John a acostat in portul Constanta pentru a participa la exercitiul anual multinational Sea Shield.

HMS St. John (FFH 340) este o fregata din clasa Halifax intrata in serviciul marinei canadiene in 1996.
Nava este echipata cu torpile antisubmarin, rachete sol-sol, rachete sol aer, un tun de 57 mm si 8 tunuri 12.7mm.
De asemenea la bord se afla un elicopter CH-124 Sea King.

La ceremonia de primire a navei a fost prezent si Excelenta Sa, Ambasadorul Canadei la Bucuresti, domnul Kevin Hamilton.

Redam integral declaratia acestuia:

"I wish to extend my sincere thanks to Commander Gillis and everyone aboard the Royal Canadian Navy frigate HMCS St. John’s for hosting myself and our friends from the Romanian Armed Forces yesterday in Constanta.
It was a privilege to join Romania's Naval Chief, Vice Admiral Mirsu, and several other distinguished guests from the Romanian Armed Forces for a productive working visit aboard the St. John’s.
Canada and Romania are strong NATO Allies, working together on land, air, and sea to preserve our common security, and to provide ongoing reassurance the entire Atlantic Alliance."
foto: Kevin Hamilton | twitter
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