Fratelli Mamaia aduce artisti de renume in weekendul de 1 mai

No more waiting. Here’s what you should expect during the amazing weekend of “May 1st” at Fratelli Mamaia!

Friday, April 28th is all about blending spirits in a way you won’t believe the twist of artists and music. Let the amazing weekend begin with dancing and singing!

Saturday, April 29th it’s a one of a kind show, with exceptional people and most distinguished artists ready to take the stage and turn the night into day!

Sunday, April 30th, we’ll still be counting parties of "grande passione” with incredible beats, starting from the beach onto the club, with artists that you love!

Hush your “wow" and “mamma mia", there is more!
Biutiful By The Sea is ready to welcome you with delicious food and drinks during daytime, all smoothly relaxing your senses with live music. From Friday to Monday, May 1st.

Now start packing, call up friends, make your reservations, prepare for an amazing drive on the sunny highway to Mamaia.
Vacation is just few weeks away and summer seems such a darling to us, already! And you can “wow” now :)

See you by the seaside,
Fratelli & Biutiful

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